E-Learning First Users

Thames Valley Construction Training Association E-Learning Programme

Following the introduction of our E-Learning programme Centar Surfacing Ltd were the first of our members to carry out the E-Learning training.

They had a job cancelled and took the opportunity for 5 of their operatives to take 4 of the courses offered each.

We made one of their office staff a sub-manager on the system and they entered the operatives email addresses on to the Centar Surfacing’s Training portal, I then loaded the courses onto each of their emails and the operatives then received the training on their iPad or telephones. Once the operative passed the Training the sub-manager was able to see they passed and got a record of the certificate for each of the courses. Their portal will record all their future training and face to face training can also be added, giving them a full record of all their operatives training.

Comments from the operatives taking the courses was very positive, this is in the statement below from Helen the sub-manager on the system.

Everyone has said it was good. They all said they preferred doing that kind of training from home. They liked being able to rewind the video if they missed something and not having a room full of other people putting them off and messing about. They felt like they could learn more in a shorter space of time – so that works for us as a business that we have saved money and time and also saved diesel getting them all to the training location (which is also better for the environment) so it feels like a win all round. The fact that we could book it at such short notice to fill a gap in our programme board caused by a job dropping out, makes this training really work for us as a business.

The training had such a positive impact on Centar Surfacing Ltd business that they are looking to do more in the future.